Why Creative Commons?

In short, because we think it helps creators and readers alike, and because we believe that open access to art and information is good for society.

Is everything here Creative Commons?

Yes. Our standard contract acquires, among other things, the nonexclusive right to distribute the work under the CC-BY-NC 4.0 license.

What exactly does Creative Commons mean?

You should probably visit their description of the license. But a rough summary (which is not written by a lawyer and is not legal advice): CC-BY-NC means that anyone can share or modify your work freely, so long as they are not using it for a primarily commercial venture, and provided they attribute your work and the license properly. We recommend reading Creative Commons' page on considerations for licensors and licensees.

What if I prefer a different CC license?

We will consider them on a case-by-case basis. Just email rmason AT asterismpress DOT com with 'Creative Commons' somewhere in the subject line, and we'll be happy to discuss any terms that you might have.