We are currently accepting submissions for Strange Constellations, our monthly e-zine.Our first story is due out in September.

Here's what we're looking for in the first issue of Strange Constellations:

  • short fiction between 3000 and 7500 words (but we're flexible)
  • speculative fiction (we prefer sci-fi and fantasy but we'll read anything)
  • submit completed manuscripts in whatever format you prefer to submissions AT asterismpress DOT com
We acquire nonexclusive electronic and print rights, and the right to distribute the material under a Creative Commons license. We accept reprints, but please don't send us simultaneous submissions. We are open for submissions until August 31.
Please bear in mind that most publishers only buy first print rights, and will consider anything we distribute to be published already. We do offer a token payment (currently $15 per story), but if you are hoping to sell your work at a later date, please consider this carefully, as most markets do not accept reprints.
As for what we mean by "speculative fiction": it could be anything from traditional science fiction and fantasy, horror stories, or it could be magic realism or surrealism or absurdism or some other ill-defined term. Or you can just write some traditional non-genre fiction, and maybe we can find a place for it.
All guidelines are somewhat loose, but if you are straying too far from them you may wish to contact us at submissions AT asterismpress DOT com, with a subject line beginning with the word "query." Regardless, we look forward to reading your story!